A Franco-South African act opens the Kampala International Theatre Festival

It is a paradox that the country which presided over the most institutionalised system of racial discrimination in the world, apartheid, is precisely where many cultures now coexist. It is on this note that begins and ends the Franco-South African play Ster City that opened the Kampala International Theatre Festival on Wednesday 26th November in the presence of Ms Wendy Swartz, the Chargé d’Affaires of the South African High Commission in Uganda.

For one hour, the two South African comedians, accompanied by a French musician, retold the history of their country with humour, energy and talent.

Their complementarily was obvious : he is white, she is black, he grew up in South Africa, she grew up in the United Kingdom, he raps, she sings, and the two simultaneously translate the 17 languages used in the show. But the polyphony of this play which alternates artistic and linguistic forms does not only illustrate the cultural richness of contemporary South Africa. It also shows the richness of individuals and cultures fused as a result of travels, meetings and joint projects.

The show was created in France by the stage director Jean-Paul Delore. After shooting in different theatres in France and several African countries, les comedians came to Kampala for the opening of the theatre festival, with the support of the Institut français, the Embassy of France in Uganda and Alliance française Kampala. Their African journey continues to Madagascar, Djibouti and other countries in East and central Africa.

Dernière modification : 11/10/2016

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