A new training for the Ugandan military

An Operation Training Detachment (OAT), composed by 17 French servicemen, three US servicemen and two UK servicemen received the task of training the UGABAG XXII (Uganda Battle Group) and UNGU (UN Guard Unit) in basic soldiers’ know-hows before their deployment in Somalia within the MINUSCO.

Indeed, the OAT will teach basic skills in combat rescue level 1, counter-IED, topography, combat shooting, collective and individual weaponry and squad-level combat. Coordinating with ACOTA (Africa Contingency Operations Training Assistance), the detachment is also in charge of the instruction of specialised units, Mortar sections, T55 tank platoons and the mechanized infantry company.

French training team’s task is to support the Singo Camp Ugandan instructors by advising them, through their own experience, in terms of technics and pedagogy. After a preparation in Djibouti, the detachment arrived in Uganda on February 4th 2017, promptly familiarising as with the training field as with its Ugandan counterparts.
Training started on February 10th 2017. It includes a set of five modules and will end in a few weeks, by a closure ceremony, in which a joint shooting demonstration combining direct and indirect fires that the UPDF will be able to implement when in Somalia. The 5th RIAOM, a French combined overseas regiment based in Djibouti, has been training the UPDF in coordination with the US and UK forces for many years, in the context of global fight against terrorism.

Dernière modification : 24/02/2017

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