Alliance Française de Kampala [fr]

What is the Alliance Française of Kampala?

Created in 1954, the Alliance Française of Kampala (AFK) is a non profit, apolitical, laic and undisciminatory association falling within the juridiction of ugandan private law. It welcomes almost 1500 students per year for french as a foreign language (FLE) lessons, but also for french on specific objectives (FOS) lessons, luganda, swahili, english, ... It is linked to the foundation Alliance Française of Paris by a legal bond. As any association, it counts several members (210 in 2009) who coumpound the general assembly and elect an administration council for a duration of two years.

What is its purpose ?

Its vocation is to promote francophone and Ugandan cultures and to foster cultural exchanges between Uganda and France. The activities and projects ran by the Alliance Française are financed by the Cooperation and Cultural Service of the french Embassy in Uganda.
Besides, the AFK owes a library where teachers, students and members will find numerous ressources in French and about French language.

Why should you become a member of the Alliance Française?

Registering as a member comes with several advantages:

  • Being updated about cultural activities and program
  • Benefiting from discounts on events organized by the AFK;
  • Renting books and movies at the library of AFK; granting access to french magazines;
  • For students, getting insightful information about french universities;
  • For generous members, benefitting from invitations to the Alliance Française performances;
  • For teachers members of the APFO, accessing to academic books and documents.
  • Voting rights during general assemblies. Members can also get elected to the executive comittee, and thereby contribute to reinforcing the cultural bonds between Uganda and France.

How do you become a member?

With a simple demand to the ressources center and after having paid an annual fee.

Membership fees for 2016:

  • Individual: 50 000 UGX/year
  • Family: 70 000 UGX/year
  • Public school: 250 000 UGX/year
  • International: 400 000 UGX/year
  • French teachers members of the APFO (Association des Professeurs de Français en Ouganda): 30 000 UGX/year
  • AFK students: free access to the library


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