Biodiversity day: Acting together for sustainable development! [fr]

Celebrated every 22nd of May, Biodiversity Day is the occasion to sensitize the public and bring answers to the questions it raises. This year, this celebration will highlight the importance of sustainable development.


The action of the French embassy for sustainable development and biodiversity

As the host-country of the global conference for climate, the COP21, which will take place in Paris from the 30th of November to the 11th of December 2015, France is putting forward environment and biodiversity issues at the centre of its priority concerns.


In Uganda, France, through the French Fund for Global Environment, supports a project for the “sustainable financing of the Rwenzori mountains National Park”, being implemented by WWF (WWF France in association with the national office of WWF Uganda). The project aims to work with the private sector to promote sustainable funding instruments (ecotourism and payment for ecosystem services) for biodiversity conservation, and generate additional income for both the Rwenzori Mountains National Park and the local communities. Financed up to 700 000€ by France, and benefitting from a European financing, this project underlines the convergence of the interests between France and Uganda regarding the protection of biodiversity.


Meanwhile, in the Karamoja region, Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH), a project financed by the Social Development Fund (SDF) of the embassy, set itself the challenge of promoting the conservation of biodiversity and community health, through education, prevention and control of diseases transmission between human, cattle and wildlife, around the Pian Upe natural reserve.

Communautary workers - CTPH project - JPEG

To know more about the projects financed by the SDF: Social Development Fund.

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