Cannes Festival 2015: French cinema highlighted

French, American, Italian, but also Japanese, Chinese, Lebanese and Peruvian, movies from the whole world has been screened during this 2015 edition of the Cannes festival, from the 13th to the 24th of May.


3 major rewards to the French cinema

The festival fortnight ended on an apotheosis for French cinema as three major rewards has been given: two interpretation prizes and one golden palm. This is the film maker Jacques Audiart who earned the supreme reward for his movie Dheepan. The French actor Vincent Lindon got the male interpretation prize for his performance in The Market Law and the female interpretation prize has been attributed to Emmanuel Bercot for the movie My king.

Among the other laureates, one can find the newcomer Yorgos Lanthimos, laureate of the jury prize for his movie The Lobster. Finally, the movie Nie Yinniang (The Assassin) from the Taiwanese movie maker Hou Hsiao Hsien has been rewarded with the directing prize.

Beyond the official selection, in the category “a certain look”, the directing prize has been attributed to the Japanese movie maker Kiyoshi Kurusawa for his movie Toward the other edge. The label Europa Cinema of the movie makers’ fortnight has been given to the Turkish movie maker Deniz Ganze Erguven for Mustang. Eventually, the Nespresso Great Prize and the Fipresci Prize of the international critic have been attributed to the movie Paulina of the argentine Santiago Mitre.

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Hsiao-Hsien récompensé à Cannes du Prix de la mise en scène

The French Institute at the Cannes Festival: the promotion of a worldwide cinema

The French Institute is the operator of the outside cultural action of France. Created in 2010, it is responsible for the influence of France abroad through a reinforced dialogue with foreign cultures and for answering to France demand in a listening and opening approach.

Exceptionally this year, the French institute has organized activities all along the Cannes festival. Worldwide cinema, French cinema, books, music: as many creative domains presented by the institute.

For more information about the French institute, click here.


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