Césars 2015: Timbuktu grabs seven rewards

Abderrahmane Sissako shone last Friday during the Césars’ ceremony, during which his movie Timbuktu has been awarded seven times! While the franco-mauritanian director came back empty-handed from the Cannes festival, on the contrary, the Césars Academy granted him the most prestigious prices: best movie, best director, best scenario, best editing … Far from being resentful, Abderrahmane Sissako did not forget to point out that he certainly would not be on the Châtelet stage to receive seven Césars if his movie had not been highlighted first in Cannes.

The denunciation of intolerance and censorship

Celebrating tolerance against obscurantism, the movie has been inspired by true facts: north Mali has really fallen under the heel of jihadists groups linked to Al-Quaïda, who have since been chased away by the French-led “Serval” military army operation.

Senseless trials, absurd prohibitions, murders, rapes, jihadists seemed to do everything in order to eliminate the little humanity side they once had. These attacks on religious freedom and press freedom are what the movie denounces, sometimes violently, sometimes in a lighter way, but always with a resolute honesty.

Disciple of engaged movies, Abderrahmane Sissako had already surprised the artistic world with his movie Bamako, in which we can follow a fictive trial of the African civil society against international financial authorities, accused of subjecting the whole continent to misery.


Dernière modification : 12/10/2016

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