Climate: 12th International Forum on Meteorology and Climate

Held in Paris from the 28th to 31st of March, the 12th International Forum on Meteorology and Climate brought together 84 weather presenters from the whole world. Invited by Laurent Fabius, French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, the presenters were received at the Quay d’Orsay by Annick Girardin, Secretary of State for Development and Francophonie.


An international event opened to everyone

As an international annual event created in 2004, the International Forum on Meteorology and Climate aims to sensitize the public on climate issues and to offer to professionals a platform of exchanges and debate.

Wide opened to the public, these four days have transformed the forecourt of the City Hall into a neuralgic center of meteorology and climate with animations, working groups supervised by scientists and participative debates.

Besides, in order to make more perceptible the effects of climate change, several weather presenters produced fictive forecasts of the weather in 2050, if nothing was done against climate change till then. For instance, in theforecast of the Canadian weatherman Patrick de Bellefeuille, dated 30th of August 2050, central Canada is hit by a heat wave with temperatures of 38°C in Regina, in the Saskatchewan Province, as the coast is waiting for the arrival of a cyclone. Not a very promising forecast.

Preparation for the COP21

This meeting is part of the preparatory meetings for the “Paris Climate 2015- COP21”, a global conference on climate which will take place from the 11th of November to the 11th of December 2015, with its main aim being a universal agreement to restrict global warming to 2°C.


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