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The Chancery

The Ambassador of France is the representative of French government in Uganda.

Under the authority of the Ambassador, the diplomatic chancery is responsible for:
- * Monitoring and analyzing the domestic and foreign policies of Uganda records to inform the French authorities;
- * Contributing to the development of bilateral relations between the two countries, including participation in the organization of official visits;
- * Informing, explaining and promoting the positions of France to the Ugandan authorities.

To carry out these missions, the chancery officials sustain relationships and contacts with all society stakeholdders such as politicians, officials, the media, religious leaders and academics.

The political chancery also works in partnerships with the other departments of the Embassy ( consular services, , economic closely with all services of the Embassy (consular, economic, cultural, military, police, etc.) that it coordinates.

Consular services

The consular services of the French Embassy are responsible for the provision of public and administrative services to the French community established in Uganda. Both French and local agents work together for the consular services.

The consular services notably take charge of :

  • the registration of French citizens established in Uganda ;
  • notarial services (birth certificate, weddings contract, ...)
  • visa delivery
  • the organization of voting for French people abroad
  • allocation of scholarships to French students enrolled at the Ecole Française des Grands Lacs in Kampala
  • ...

Contacting the consular services
French citizens administration only
Consular serviecs and visas
C/O French Embassy
16, Lumumba Avenue
P.O. Box 7212

The Cooperation and Cultural Service

The Cooperation and Culture Service designs and implements with partners programs to support civil society, to promote French language and French-speaking cultures, scientific and academic cooperation. The Service also monitors humanitarian issues and provides support to mobilize the programmed food aid. These actions contribute to reinforcing partnerships between France and Uganda.

The Cooperation and Culture service works closely with the Alliance Francaise of Kampala for cultural activities.


Military mission

The defense attaché

The defense attaché is the military advisor of the French Ambassador in Uganda.

The military cooperation

French military partnership with Uganda comprises three components :

  • the operational cooperation: the French army provide assistance to train the UPDF for the AMISOM. This program dubbed UGABAG started in 2006.
  • training Ugandan officers in France or in other military schools in Africa or the regionla: Every year, several students get selected to pursue studies in a military college in Africa or in France.
  • teaching French language to military staff: Since 2003, the French military mission organizes language classes for the Ugandan officers willing to learn French as a tool for military parnership with other francophone countries.

Encouraging exports by providing defense and security expertise

  • giving security updates and analysis to companies willing to settle abroad
  • liaising companies with Ugandan authorities

Other tasks

  • Defense attaché for Uganda and South Sudan
  • giving security updates to NGOs, travellers, ...

For further information, please visit the official website of the French Ministry of Defense.

Economic Mission

The Economic Mission is the local representative of the international network of the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Foreign Trade also known as "Bercy, the Directorate General of Treasury".

It aims to foster the international development of French companies and strenghten French economic interests abroad. It also provides information about French trade and investment regulations and environment to foreign companies willing to invest in France. Besides, the Economic Mission offers assistance to French companies experiencing problems in a foreign country (litigation, market access ...).

The Economic Mission in Uganda represents both the economic and financial public institutions of the French governement in Uganda and South Sudan. The Kampala office works in close partnership with the Economic Mission of Nairobi.

The Economic Mission is responsible for :

  • monitoring and analysing the economic and financial situation, based on macroeonomic and sectorial indicators;
  • following up closely the evoluation of economic bilateral relations, including trade, investment, industrial and technologic partnerships;
  • advising and supporting companies willing to export/expand to Uganda; attracting foreign investments to France;
  • contributing through its market analysis to the policy-making of the Ministry of Economy, Finances and Foreign Trade;
  • supporting French SMEs established in Uganda, with the help of the Economic Mission of Nairobi.

Contacting the Economic Mission:
C/O French Embassy
16, Lumumba Avenue
P.O. Box 7212
Tel : +256 414 304 540
Fax : +256 414 304 530

For further information, please visit :

AFD - French Development Agency

AFD, the Agence Française de Développement, is a public development-finance institution that has worked for seventy years to alleviate poverty and foster sustainable development in the developing world and in the French Overseas Provinces. AFD executes the French government’s development aid policies.

Working on four continents, AFD has seventy-two field offices and bureaux, including nine in France’s overseas provinces and one in Brussels. The Agency provides financing and support for projects that improve living conditions, promote economic growth, and protect the planet.

AFD fulfills its mission with help from its private-sector arm, Proparco. The private sector is an essential link in the development chain because it creates jobs and invigorates economies.

In addition, AFD manages the FFEM, the French Global Environment Facility, financing innovative environmental projects that preserve biodiversity, fight climate change, and prevent land and forest degradation, among other vital actions.

In 2014, with EUR 8.1 billion of commitments, up 4%, AFD has achieved another historic year for its activities to support a more equitable and more sustainable world.

“AFD’s mandate is central to the challenge of the coming years, which is to bring about new development models that ensure both the prosperity of the whole of the world’s population and preserve the planet. We contribute to this by tailoring our actions to the needs of partner countries”, explained Anne Paugam, Chief Executive Officer of AFD.

In Uganda, AFD is strongly committed in particular in the development of infrastructures promoting a “green” economic model and supporting low carbon and climate resilient strategies, be it renewable electricity generation, water management or biodiversity preservation, totaling up to 270 million euros since 2010. See AFD in Uganda.

An overview of the energy projects financed by AFD:

Contacting the AFD Kampala Office
C/O French Embassy
16, Lumumba Avenue
P.O. Box 7212
Tel : +256 414 304 534
Fax : +256 414 304 510/8

The Press and Communication Department

The Press and Communication Department of the French Embassy is responsible for liasing with medias. The press attaché organizes press conferences, broadcasts press releases and feeds news on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Youtube.

Contacting the Press and Communication Department
M. Alfred ONEK
Fabebook: @FranceinUganda
Twitter: @FrenchembassyUg
Youtube: France in Uganda
C/O French Embassy
16, Lumumba Avenue
P.O. Box 7212
Tel : +256 414 304 514

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