Dr. Livingstone Sewanyana receives the 2015 European Union Human Rights defenders award

The European Union prize award for human rights defenders was this year given to, among others, Dr Livingstone Sewanyana, in recognition of his commitment to democratic governance, the promotion of the rights of women, children and inmates and the abolition of the death penalty.

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Dr Livingston Sewanyana (milieu) reçoit sont prix

As the founder and Executive Director of the Foundation for Human Right Initiatives (FHRI), the 2015 winner has on several occasions worked together with the Embassy of France in Uganda in the defence of the rights of its fellow citizens. He was particularly played an active role last year during the celebration of the international day for the abolition of the death penalty, an event organised by the cooperation and cultural affairs department (SCAC) of the Embassy of France in Kampala.

Winner of the “Personalités d’avenir” (leaders of tomorrow) program of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development, Dr Livingstone was invited to France in December 2011 for a one-week visit during which he had the opportunity to meet with Mr Robert Badinter, an ardent promoter of the abolition of the death penalty. During his stay, he was also able to visit two prisons in the greater Paris area, La Santé and Villepinte, and participate in some activities organised by Sciences Po Paris and the National School of Administration (ENA).

In addition, as a concerned advocate for children’s protection, Dr Livingstone accepted UYDEL’s request for FHRI participation in the program, strengthening of the protection of child victims or children at risk of sexual exploitation (REPERES), financed by the French Development Agency (AFD). UYDEL is the project’s lead implementing NGO. The AFD also supports a regional project, named “Contribute to the abolition of the death penalty in Sub-Saharan Africa” for which the FRHI has applied to become the lead implementer in Uganda.

We warmly congratulate him on this achievement.

Press release of the European Union:

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