France-Uganda cooperation: a 700 000 euros donation for the protection of the Rwenzori Mountains

Last Monday was held at the Alliance Française of Kampala a ceremony associating WWF France, WWF Uganda and the French Global Environment Facility. The 700 000 euros paycheck, signed symbolically by the Ambassador of France in Uganda, HE Sophie Makame, a representative of the Uganda Minister of Tourism and the vice-Chairman of Kasese district, Hon.Tadeo Muhindo, was given to Mrs. Anne Chetaille, project manager at WWF France. The Ambassador of the European Union (EU) in Uganda, HE Mr. Kristian Schmidt, was also participating, the EU having given 1.3 million euros to the project.


An innovative project

The big innovation of this project is the inclusion of the private sector in promoting sustainable funding instruments – payments for ecosystem services and ecotourism- for biodiversity conservation, and generating additional income for both the Rwenzori Mountain National Park and the local communities. Indeed, by supporting tree plantation and several ecotourism projects, the private sector enables communities to improve their quality of life and preserve one resource, water, which is essential to the inhabitants of the Rwenzori Mountains as well as to the private firms working in the zone (hydroelectricity, untreated water). This project also enables to legally supervise the contributions of the private sector to environmental projects and to develop touristic resources which benefit this park listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

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Caméléon de Jackson
Une des espèce en voie d’extinction présente dans le parc national des monts Rwenzori
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cascades du parc national des monts Rwenzori

Bilateral links which get tighter in the environmental valorization sector

Financed up to the tune of 700 000 euros by France, in addition to its contribution through the European Union as a member country, this project underlines the meeting point of the interests of France and Uganda, just after the visit in France of the Ugandan Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Hon. Maria Mutagamba, for the inauguration of the exhibition “On the tracks of the great apes” at the National Museum of Natural History in Paris(February, 11th). A photo exhibition on the same theme, displayed on the walls of the Embassy of France in Kampala, was an opportunity for the minister to illustrate, to the Ugandan public, the issues of the protection of the great apes and of their habitat.


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