France is World Tourism Champion

With 84.7 million entries, France was in 2013 the most visited country in the world, recording a 2% increase in the number of foreign tourists compared to 2012. The United States (69.8 million) and Spain (60.7 million) come just behind.

France was particularily chosen by European tourists. 13 million Germans visited the country, followed by the British, with 1.2% and 6.5% increase respectively. There were however fewer tourists from Belgium, Luxemburg, Italy and Spain compared to the previous year.

Outside Europe, North America is France’s first client, a position strengthened in 2013 with an increase of 6.6 million tourists, following a 7.8% decline in 2012. Similarily, with 6.6 million tourists coming from America, the record level registered in 2011 (6.7 million) is almost attained.

In addition, the Asian tourists, always faithful to France, were more in 2013: 4.5 million visitors, representing a 13% increase compared to 2012. The Chinese tourists whose number has doubled between 2009 and 2013, still show a strong interest in France, and this has not dimished in 2013 with 1.7 million visitors recorded, an increase of 23.4%.

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