Francophonie 2015: Feedbacks on a colorful month

The Francophonie month is already over… But don’t worry, it is coming back next year! Meanwhile, here is the assessment of this 2015 Francophonie, in words and pictures.


A 2015 edition which took off like a shot

This year, culture was again highlighted and March saw several concerts and screenings. Beginning with a piano concert on March, 6th, the Francophonie festival met the expectations of classical music lovers, delighted by the talent of the Czech pianist, Miroslav Brejcha, who was playing at the Sheraton hotel.

Then, on the 11th of March began the francophone movie festival with the screening of the Algerian movie L’Oranais. First highlight of the festival, the participation of the French actor Bruno Henry during the screening of the movie W.A.K.A. on the 12th, movie in which he acts as one of the main characters. The second highlight was the closing of the festival with the screening of the movie Timbuktu by Abderrahmane Sissako, in the presence of the Ambassadors of France, Burundi, Belgium, and other of their colleagues, screening which got a full house.

Laughs, dances, games and songs: the keywords of the Franco’fun

Francophonie was also the occasion for the young Ugandans to be initiated into the language of Victor Hugo. Indeed, from the 9th to 20th March, the Franco’fun, a combined initiative of the students of the French club of Makerere University and of the Cooperation and cultural affairs department (SCAC) of the Embassy of France in Uganda, had as an aim to awaken young Ugandans within French language in primary schools.

For two weeks, the students of the French club visited the pupils of several primary schools in Kampala, meeting the last year ones who have the possibility to choose, for the next start of the school year, a secondary school where French is taught.

Creativity highlighted

The 2015 edition of the Francophonie in Uganda gave also pride of place to creativity. Indeed, during a whole week, from the 16th to 20th March, an artist and slam singer from Quebec, Monk-E, went around eight high schools where french is taught in order to initiate Ugandan students to poetic writing in French.

A the end of those activities, the students were given the possibility to compose their own poem to perform during the Francophonie day, on the stage of the National Theater, in front of an enthusiastic audience of about 500 people.


The Francophonie Day: the grand finale

Grand finale, on the 21st, at the National Theater in Kampala. Beginning at 7am with the Francophonie walk, this celebration of French language unfolded until late in the evening, offering activities, stalls and concerts. The Ambassadors of France, Belgium, and their diplomatic colleagues of Burundi and DRC have taken part of the festivities.

As soon as 2pm, the kids’ choirs began. Songs for the youngest, like Polyglotte by Henri Dès werer thus sang with joy and enthusiasm. Then followed the teenagers with their poems and songs, sometimes involved, sometimes full of emotions, all of them following the same theme: GRATITUDE. Under the supervision of the energetic Monk-E, this concert was a complete success, the blaring applauses of the public as a testimony.

After the concert, the public went into the gardens of the theater to discover the stalls of French, Belgium, Nigerian, Congolese, Guinean and Burundian food, as well as artisanal objects, as the school kids could participate to some games organized by the students of the French club of Makerere and of the Burundian students association in Uganda.

Eventually, the day ended on an eclectic musical mood, with a show of the Burundi drums, a trilingual hip-hop performance (French, English, Luganda) of the artists Monk-E, Ruyonga and St-Nelly-Sade, and finally a Congolese music concert, making people dance for hours!

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