Immersion France: an app for the learning of French language

At the occasion of the first seminary dedicated to linguistic tourism in France, M. Mathias Fekl, French secretary of state for external business, promotion of tourism and French people living abroad, has announced the launching of the app “Immersion France” for the end of this year.


Elaborated by the Campus France agency, this app will have as an aim to encourage foreign students, professionals and tourists to learn French during their stays in France. The app will offer an interactive map with pictures, thus enabling to locate the suggested destinations. The users will also be able to identify the trainings and accommodations available, as well as a calendar of the language stays (summer campus, French on specific aims, initiation to French culture).


The issues of linguistic tourism

Linguistic tourism is in full growth, with an annual turnover of more than € 115 million. In total: more than one million night a year, among those 65% in a host family.

Linguistic tourism enables to make France more attractive to students. Indeed, 24% of the registered to a language training reported they did it in order to be able then to register in a French academic institution. It is the second main registering motive, after the culture discovery.


Dernière modification : 12/10/2016

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