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Foreign investors like France: 2 in 3 foreign investors believe France is an attractive investment location. 33% percent of them intend to expand their company’s presence in France.

10 good reasons to invest in France


To invest at the heart of the world’s largest market

  • France alone is a market of over 65 million consumers, making it the 2nd largest in Europe and the world’s sixth largest economy.
  • The European Union remains the world’s largest economy, with over 500 million consumers.

To avail of effective, high-level infrastructures

  • France has Europe’s most extensive road network and Roissy-Charles-de-Gaulle is Europe’s busiest airport for freight and second-busiest in terms of passenger numbers. France also has Europe’s second-largest high-speed rail network. Paris-Le Bourget is Europe’s leading business airport.

To have a productive and dynamic workforce

  • France ranks 6th in the world for hourly labour productivity (€45.60 per hour worked compared with €37.30 in the eurozone).
  • It has a highly-qualified workforce: in 2015, 45% of 30-34 year olds were higher-education graduates.

To take advantage of low set-up costs

  • Set-up and operating costs are lower in France than in the United States, Germany and Japan.
  • Furthermore, renting office space in the Paris business centre is half the cost of the same space in London’s West End (€875/m²/year as opposed to €1,978/m²/year).
  • We must stress that creating a company in France costs less than 1% of average per capita income, compared to an average of 9% in the G20 countries.

To invest in an innovative economy which supports innovation

  • The world’s biggest startup campus is in France: Station F will bring together 1,000 startups in Paris in 2017.
  • Furthermore, research tax credit (CIR) is open to all companies and amounts to €5.7 billion per year. No less than 22,830 companies received it in 2013.
  • €47 billion was mobilized for the Investments for the Future Programme (PIA) and the French Very-High-Speed Broadband Plan.

To benefit from a competitive and dynamic financial management market

  • One of Europe’s leading management industries with almost €3,600 billion of managed assets (i.e. 1.5 times French GDP), including €1,700 billion in investment funds and €1,900 billion in mandates. Over €450 billion managed for non-resident clients.

To enjoy renowned quality of life and cultural activities

  • France is the world’s leading tourist destination in terms of visitor numbers (UNWTO, 2015) and ranks third in the world in terms of health infrastructure meeting the needs of society (IMD, 2015). France ranks eighth in the world for life expectancy at birth (82.8 years). It has great cultural and creative appeal: the Louvre is by far the world’s most visited museum.

To take advantage of highly competitive production costs

  • The Competitiveness and Employment Tax Credit (CICE) and the Responsibility and Solidarity Pact together make up a €40 billion reduction in production costs for companies: this is equivalent to almost 2% of GDP which will support activity and enable 500,000 jobs to be created by 2020.

To benefit from simplified administrative procedures

  • France is the European leader in terms of e-administration and is fourth in the global ranking based on three criteria: on-line services offered by the government, telecommunications infrastructures and its population’s level of education.
  • The act on the simplification of running companies, which was passed in December 2014, enabled companies and users to make savings of €3.3 billion in 2013-2014. The single individual social declaration will save companies €1.6 billion in 2015-2016.

To take advantage of facilitated reception and set-up for managers and employees

  • France has signed tax conventions with over 120 countries (avoidance of double taxation). It has also provided companies with a single contact for tax matters (Tax4Business) and adapted residence permits (Talents Passport, created in 2015).
  • A grant and a support mechanism for innovative entrepreneurs were also set up, known as the French Tech ticket. 50 foreign entrepreneurs benefited from this mechanism in 2016, with the number increasing to 70 in 2017.

Business France


Connect, speed up and succeed! Through Business France, boost your international development.

Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy. Its three keys responsibilities are to:

  • Support French or foreign companies with their international development
  • Facilitate job-creating foreign investment in France
  • Promote France’s attractiveness for business

Your company would like to set up in the heart of the European Union and take advantage of the vast European Single Market, and from there, the entire EMEA zone. Find out more about France’s key advantages and the services offered by Business France and its regional partners.

The world is changing and your business is growing: you feel like your business model needs updates. Business France Invest->] will provide your support and assistance from A to Z for you to undertake successfully your new projects.

Business France can help you reach new markets and increasing your export goals as well as strengthen your presence on existing markets. Business France Export helps businesses to find commercial partners in target markets, paving the way for SMEs and mid-size companies to sign trading agreements and generate sustainable export growth.

Atout France


Atout France, the French Tourism Development Agency, is in charge of developing the tourism industry which is France’s leading economic sector.

The Atout France Agency uses all its areas of expertise to serve tourism professionals in order to help develop their activity and promote France internationally.

Services provided by Atout France to its 1,250 private and public professional partners include observation and monitoring, development and engineering aid, promotion and marketing assistance, with a view to strengthening the tourism industry as the leading French economic sector.

For more videos, suscribe to Atout France’s Youtube channel.

Business events in France

France’s popularity as a MICE destination results from a successful combination of factors.

Ease of access, top of the line infrastructure, beautiful landscapes, and unique venues for hosting events reinforce France’s leading position in the industry. France’s distinct Art de Vivre (way of life), its rich cultural heritage, and delectable gastronomy add to the quality of your business event.

Discover 11 compelling reasons that make France the perfect destination for planning your next business rendezvous.

For further information, visit France official website for meeting and convention board

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