Invest in France : Separating Facts from Fiction

10 points illustrated with key figures to show you that France is eventually THE right country to invest in.


“France is on the decline”, “There’s too much paperwork in France, “French taxes are so high” : these are some commonly heard prejudices about France, which the organization Business France decided to counter with the publication of the document “Separating fact from fiction”. This paper exposes 10 common fictions one can hear about investment in France and dismantles them one by one.

Taking its numbers from serious global organizations like Thomson Reuters, the World International Property Organization or Eurostat, Business France thus shows that France is the right country to invest in.

You do not believe it ? Then read it :

PDF - 327.6 ko
Separating facts from fiction
(PDF - 327.6 ko)

The reading of this document has convinced you to invest in France ? Then read the “Invest in France” section.

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