Launching of the European Business Forum [fr]

The European Business Forum (EBF) was launched on June 25th in Kampala by the Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives, Hon. Amelia Kyambadde, in the presence of hundreds of companies and accredited representatives of the UE member states.

A European platform to facilitate trade with Uganda

EBF is an association which any company established in Uganda and representing European interests may join. It aims at creating a platform for dialogue between the European business community, speaking with one voice, and the Ugandan government. The EU is Uganda’s top trading partner, which underscores the legitimacy and necessity of such a consultative body.

Companies now have at their disposal a platform supplementing the different national support programmes, and likely to carry to the top level, collectively, the messages identified by their members (for instance, issues concerning professional immigration or taxation). This is one of the very first initiatives of this kind in East Africa, where the solutions offered by European companies deserve to be expressed in a facilitated business environment.

The leadership of EBF consists of an executive committee elected on an annual basis. A consultative council composed of three Ambassadors of EU member states present in Uganda, selected on the basis of a six-monthly rotation, ensures the link is maintained with the European diplomatic community.

French companies have responded to this project with enthusiasm and responsibility, having played a leading role in its establishment. In this respect, the Embassy congratulates Mr. Charles Angebault, who has been elected member of the executive council during the first general assembly. France will sit at the consultative council, alongside Germany and Italy, during the six first months of EBF’s activity.


To learn more about EBF:

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