MUBS becomes a member of the AUF [fr]

On May 22nd, Makerere University Business School (MUBS) joined the Francophone Academic Agency (AUF), as an associate member, following the decision of the associative council of the agency.


It is the first Ugandan university to join this francophone academic network and this membership comes with many advantages, including the possibility for students, teachers and researchers to benefit from several tenders, particularly the ones related to mobility allowances.

Through this membership, MUBS will be able to begin a networking process for multilateral or bilateral programs with the universities of the neighboring countries.

About MUBS

MUBS is university working for the development and promotion of French language and francophone culture, especially professional French. French lessons for specific purposes (FOS) are taught right from second year within several courses, among them “Hotel and Catering”, “Leisure and Hospitality”, “Management and Business”, “Tourism”, and for secretarial students, starting from third year.

The teaching of FOS represents a considerable opening for Ugandan students, in cultural, professional and scientific terms. The learning of this discipline enables students to better position themselves on the job market and to better respond to the needs at international level.

Dernière modification : 11/10/2016

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