« My Positive Impact »: the “Nubian Vault” association selected among 100 other green projects

Since the 19th of April, « The Nubian Vault » (in French « la voûte nubienne”) is on the first shortlist of “my positive impact” contest launched by the Nicolas Hulot foundation.

The internet users have been invited to vote for the solutions and “like” the ones that appeal to them the most during two sessions, on April 19th and July 5th. Since April 19th, “The Nubian Vault” is among the first group of selected projects.

About My positive impact

Once the voting sessions over, the 10 most popular projects will benefit from a communication campaign which will be supported by the media partners of the website (TF1, l’Express, Europe 1…) in order to enable them to find financings, partners and outlets.

Focus on “The Nubian Vault”

Why the “Nubian Vault”?

In Sahelian Africa, due to deforestation and population growth, wood and straw which were traditionally used for roofs and frames are quickly disappearing.
The iron sheet roofs (the only alternative currently available to the majority) are clearly not suitable for economic reasons (importation of materials), as well as for practical reasons (loss of the patio-roof) and of course for comfort reasons (thermic, acoustic, aestheticism…). The breeze blocks and concrete, also imported, are not the more compatible and by the way are only used by a rich minority.

According to the UN and the World Resources Institute, more than half the Sahelian population – being several dozen million families - do not have access to a decent accommodation.

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Salle de prière construite avec la technique VN
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Construction d’une voûte nubienne

What is a Nubian vault (NV)?

The NV technic is an antic architectural process from the upper Nile. It enables one with a basic set of tools and relatively simple technical skills to build houses with vaulted roofs made without any formwork, solid, comfortable and cheap.

Nowadays, in figures, VN is:

  • 2 400 Nubian Vaults built (private and public buildings)
  • 570 cities and villages concerned in 6 different countries (Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Benin, Ghana, Mauritania)
  • 17 000 recipients and users
  • 330 trained bricklayers and 440 apprentices
  • 4 800 Teq CO2 saved up
  • 3 300 preserved trees
  • 30% annual market growth
  • 1 300 sensitization missions organized in 2013-14
  • 1.8 million euros of local savings realized on the buildings structures

Thanks to the contest “My positive impact” of the Nicolas Hulot Foundation, this technic has been supported by more than 51.000 internet users who have voted for the association “The Nubian Vault”.

Video about the association.

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