OG 2024: France announces its application to welcome the games

Paris has officially announced its application for the organization of the OG-2024 with the voices of many Olympic champions gathered at the headquarters of the French Olympic Committee.


Bernard Lapasset, meant to lead the candidacy committee, has announced the ambition of Paris-2024, “innovate, smile, vibrate, win”, during a ceremony organized at the occasion of the world Olympic day. Paris thus joined the yet reported candidates: Boston, Hamburg and Roma. The final decision will be taken at Lima during the summer 2017.

A tricolor bracelet with the mention “JerêvedesJeux” (in English, “I’m dreaming about the games”), designed by the handball player Luc Abalo, will be sold as soon as next September to support the financing of the organizational costs of the candidacy committee for Paris 2024.

Dernière modification : 12/10/2016

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