Opening of the Universal Exhibition of Milan: an innovative French pavilion

The Universal Exhibition of Milan will for 6 months host the national pavilions of 147 countries under the theme « Feed the planet, energy for life ». France offers to the public an original and attractive pavilion.


A French pavilion from the angle of sustainability of food models

How to produce and feed differently? Such is the question asked by France at the exhibition. Feeding in a satisfactory way the whole of individuals who will be living on the Earth in 2050 (nearly 10 billion, 70% of them in urban areas) requires indeed to rethink the organization of the food supply chain, but also to question the economic, social and environmental sustainability of our food models.

The French pavilion thus focuses on the roles of science and innovation, going hand in hand with the concomitant strengthening of the modes of production and consumption, in a process more respectful of the environment, maintaining the economic and social balance as well as public health.

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Pavillon français à l’exposition universelle de Milan

An attractive structure

Made of a raw wooden frame of 2000 m² which can entirely be dismantled, including a 1200 m² garden, this pavilion has since the 1st of May been welcoming visitors under a vault on whose ceiling is an upside-down landscape where wheat, corn, barley, lavender, hemp and flax grow with their head down. The whole unit is designed as the typical food supply process, from the field to the plate. On the architectural side, the whole can be entirely dismantled and reassembled, without any visible faster.

All the pieces are there to make the French contribution eye-catching. A week only after the opening of the exhibition, it is already coveted by Qatar and Italy!

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Intérieur du pavillon français

Dernière modification : 12/10/2016

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