Shooting creative and alternative videos as a means to tackle climate change all over the world, this is the goal of the movie “Tomorrow” (in French “Demain”), directed by Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion initiative

Mélanie Laurent, a French actress, and Cyril Dion, co-founder of the NGO Colibris, have decided to shoot the movie “Tomorrow” which will be screened at the opening of the COP21 (global conference on environment) in Paris.

This project intends to portray the world of tomorrow, a different world, more respectful of our resources. The movie will present alternative solutions to overcome climate change. The directors wish to highlight the already existing but little-known practices from all over the world.

The distinctive feature of this movie, which makes it even more remarkable, is its financing. Indeed, the co-founders have chosen a participative financing model on the platform Kisskissbankbank. The contributions deposited by the Internet users have already exceeded their expectations. In less than 48 hours, 200.000€ was raised, and by press time, the 400.000€ mark had been surpassed. Thanks to this initiative, Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion have already begun shooting different project like ZERO WASTE in San Francisco, the BALLE network, the biggest local entrepreneurs’ network hired to transform the economy, the players of the revolution of pans, the geothermal energy which enables the Island to be nearly autonomous in renewable energy. They have also interviewed some international experts like Lester Brown, Muhammad Yunus, Toni Baronsky, Liz Hadley and the writer Nancy Huston.

Mélanie Laurent and Cyril Dion hope that with these recordings, they will be able to “show to the entire world what tomorrow could be like if we put together all the best solutions we know” .1

The video teaser of the movie


1Extract from an interview of Cyril Dion on Youtube

Dernière modification : 12/10/2016

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