Social Development Fund: Six projects to multiply by more than six the initiatives of the civil society

The Social Development Fund (SDF) currently finances and sets up six projects (environment, gender, security, etc.) which joint aim is to improve the lives of the populations in the Kampala and Karamoja regions.

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Jeune fille ougandaise avec son kit AFRIpads : l’un des six projets du FSD

The SDF is a tool of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development targeting the stimulation of local development initiatives, by enforcing the civil society as well as contributing to the reduction of poverty. Real proximity tool, the SDF constitutes the main interface of the Cooperation and Cultural Activities Service (SCAC) of the embassy of France to Uganda with the local civil society.

Six projects to improve the Ugandan daily life

The SDF currently finances six projects, with a financing up to a 60% average, of which implementation will enable the improvement of the targeted populations’ welfare.
The six initiatives currently financed by the SDF all influence in a direct or indirect way two components: gender and environment.

Here is how those six organizations of the Ugandan civil society contribute in their own way to the improvement of the populations living conditions in the areas where they are operating:

The project Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH), from the name of the NGO that initiated it targets the promotion of biodiversity and public health conservation via trainings and prevention as well as the control of diseases transmission which could affect indifferently wildlife and humans. This project takes hold in Lolachat Sub County, around the natural reserve of Pian Upe in Nakapiripirit.

Alternatives regarding shelters and installations: the Ugandan Human Settlement Network (SSA: UHSNET). This projects aims to highlight the improvement of Ugandans’ lifestyle in the Namuwongo slum by reducing the human impact on water quality.

The project of the Namalu prison, directed by the NGO African Prison Project(APP), also fits into an environment protection process while contributing to the improvement of the inmates and staff welfare via the installation of biogas toilets.

Finally, the last project in this field is the Afripads project. Afripads is a Ugandan company selling affordable and reusable menstrual kits, enabling women and girls of the Wakiro district to have access to an efficient, affordable and ecological menstrual protection, thus contributing to a more regular schooling.

In another field, the project of the Rafiki theater organization is based on the sensitization of the Ugandan People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) to gender-based violence. The organization has been founded in 2010 and aims to prevent and stop Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV), in particular in 10 army detachments of the UPDF taking place in Kaabong and Kotido districts. Concretely, the Rafiki Theater organizes theater sessions in order to encourage dialogue between women and men on SGBV, in a preventive process. The organization also aims the eradication on the taboo which exists on the SGBV.

In the end, the project Nurture Africa acts in the protection of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) field, among them children infected with HIV. This NGO thus organizes trainings for the legal tutors of those kids and for the OVC themselves, in order to teach them how to begin, deal with and maintain an income generating activity. This activity will then enable, tutors, to fulfill their needs and the ones of their protégés, OVC, to fulfill their future needs and to improve consequently their standard of living.

As a total, the SDF finances all those projects up to more than 210 billion UGX.

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