Terror Attack against Charlie Hebdo : condolences register

On the morning of Wednesday 7th January two armed men burst into the premises of the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and caught the editorial staff by surprise in a meeting. They have cowardly murdered ten of its members, including renowned cartoonists as Cabu, Charb or Wolinski, who were true free thinkers, and killed two policemen in the exercise of their duties.

The president of the French Republic, François Hollande, has declared that “no barbaric act will ever stifle the freedom of the press. We stand together as a united country and we will respond.”
Thursday was a day of national mourning. France united in the memory of her dead and in the assertion of her values. All the official buildings will carry their flags at half-mast for three days.

Many of you over the world who have shared your indignation against Barbary, your attachment to freedom, and your solidarity toward France, who is deeply grateful to you for this.

You can here write condolences messages, to the address condoleances@ambafrance-ug.org. They will be later put together and published, unless otherwise by the author.

Thank you.


Dernière modification : 12/10/2016

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