The 2014 edition of “French language in the world” is online

The 2014 “French language worldwide” report published last November, has finally been put online! Published every four years by the French language Observatory, this report was freely downloadable on the occasion of the Francophonie Day, on the 20th of March.


This report is an essential tool for those who are interested in the exact situation of French in all fields and in every country. The 2014 edition records 274 million French-speakers of whom 75% use French in their daily life, marking a 7% increase since 2010. On the African continent, 54.7% of the population is francophone, ahead of Europe (36.4%), America (7.6%), Middle East (0.9%) and Oceania (0.3%). The two African countries where French is the most spoken are Gabon and Congo-Brazzaville.

Regarding Uganda, although French is not one of the official languages, it is taught in more than 250 primary and secondary schools as well as in 8 universities and technical institutes. As for the Alliance Française in Kampala, it has more than 1000 students every year.


Reading this report interests you? Then click on the following link: "The french Language worldwide"

Dernière modification : 12/10/2016

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