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Each week, you will discover a project financed by the Embassy of France in Uganda through its Social Development Funds which aim is to support local NGOs to improve the lives of the populations.

What is the Social Development Fund (SDF)?

The SDF is a tool of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development targeting to boost local development initiatives, by strengthening the civil society as well as contributing to the reduction of poverty. A real proximity tool, the SDF is the main interface between the Cooperation and Cultural affairs department (SCAC) of the embassy of France to Uganda and the local civil society.

In 2017, 100,000 euros funds for Uganda will be dedicated to six organizations to support them in the implementation of their projects.

Youth and ecology, cornerstones of society

Youth Movers Uganda is an NGO chaired by Flora Aling that aims to help the new generation flourish and contribute to the upgrade of the society. Located in Gulu, northern Uganda, this NGO was created in 2009 and supports 15-35 year-old people in three different areas:

  • Livelihood: agro-ecology, food security, nutrition, income generation;
  • Health: HIV prevention;
  • Governance: capacity building in planning, monitoring and evaluation, civic education, youth leadership and mentoring.

Why Youth Movers Uganda?

A project on sustainable agriculture in particular caught our attention. The Embassy of France gave 10,600€ in 2017 to this project that involves training young farmers in best practices and raising their awareness of climate challenges. The NGO’s objective is to educate the beneficiaries about soil preservation, use of organic pesticides and tree planting in the fields.

More than a financial support

Invited by Stéphanie Rivoal, Ambassador of France to Uganda, Flora Aling and an agro-ecologist who benefits from the NGO’s action, Patrick Otim, had the opportunity to go to Paris on April 2017 to address a conference on the theme “Altruism and fraternity”, in the presence of Bill and Melinda Gates. On this occasion, Patrick Otim shared his story. He has been working in the fields since he was very young in a region affected by internal conflicts. Today, he is developing agro-ecology by planting cassava and maize, but the productivity and the market of this subsistence farming is still precarious. When asked about her trip to Paris, Flora Aling was very enthusiastic: “This visit was a great opportunity to highlight Youth Movers and Uganda, and to focus on agroecology, a crucial question for our health and our planet.”

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