The festival season has begun: Welcome to the Avignon Festival [fr]

Taking place this year from the 4th to the 25th of July, the Avignon festival is the most important theatrical and live entertainment event of France, and one of the biggest in the world in terms of the number of creations and of gathered spectators. On the program of this 69th edition: almost 50 shows for more than 300 performances in front of millions of viewers.


Created in 1947 by the comedian Jean Vilar, the Avignon festival is nowadays a reference for contemporary live entertainment. Each year, in July, Avignon becomes a city-theater, turning its wealthy architectural heritage into as many performing locations (Court of honor of the Popes Palace, FabricA, Court of the Saint Joseph high school, Grand Avignon opera house…). The program is mostly composed of shows, but also readings, exhibitions, screenings and debates.

The King Lear, a historical renewed masterpiece

The opening play of the festival will this year be The King Lear, written in the 17th century by William Shakespear and staged by the very modern Olivier Py. The latter, a playwright, an actor, a film maker, director or even philosopher, is also, for the second time, the director of the festival. Explaining his choice for the opening, Olivier Py says that The King Lear is “the greatest play of the 20th century, even though it was written during the 17th”.

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Le roi Lear mis en scène par Olivier Py

Discover herethe very rich program of the Avignon festival.

And don’t forget that the Avignon festival is only the tip of this iceberg which is the festivals summer in France! Click hereto discover all the others!

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