Tourism – launch of the "Good France/Goût de France" initiative

" Speaking of cuisine – of the French cuisine – is speaking of the joy to live, of gracefulness, optimism and pleasure – ideas that are very central to the image of Destination France ". Alain Ducasse .


Presided over by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and of International Development, Laurent Fabius, the Tourism Promotion Council, together with several partners, launched a new campaign dubbed "Good France/Goût de France" on 21st October.

Good France/Goût de France will celebrate French gastronomy in various locations worldwide on March 19, 2015. A total of 1000 chefs on all five continents are expected to join the event on the eve of spring. Dinners served simultaneously in participating restaurants will honour the merits of French cuisine, its capacity for innovation, and its values : sharing, enjoying, and respecting the principles of high-quality, environmentally responsible cuisine.


From fine dining to quality bistro food, in an effort to highlight diversity, all chefs are invited to participate in this great event by registering online, at the Goût de/Good France website, from November 4th, 2014, to December 15, 2014.

Please register now at

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