Uganda ranked second among countries with highest growth in 2023 [fr]

According to a projected analysis from the Center for International development (CID) of Harvard University, Uganda should be second, after India, in the list of 128 countries ranked according to their estimated growth in 2023.

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Projections of GDP Growth to 2023 Rankings: Selected Top Countries

Using their own measure of economic complexity that captures the productive capabilities derived from a country’s exports, CID researchers paint a new picture of the economic growth landscape, which foresees growth in emerging markets to continue to outpace developed countries.

Uganda, future first African country in terms of growth

CID’s forecasts are very optimistic for East Africa. Four countries of this region are indeed in the top 10 of this ranking, Uganda first. The CID announces a 7% growth for Uganda, outpacing by far the current global leader, China. Uganda is also one of the first five countries whose economies have registered the most spectacular growth between 2003 and 2013, still according to a CID study.

More information about these CID forecasts.

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